What’s New at HomeBinder – December 2021

We’ve partnered with Thumbtack to expand homeowners’ access to home service professionals
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We are excited to announce a new integration with Thumbtack. The integration expands upon the more than 23,000 recommended service providers already listed in HomeBinder to provide consumers with access to hundreds of thousands of home service professionals across every county in the U.S. Partners can populate the ‘Home Service Provider’ tab with a personalized list of recommended home service professionals, strengthening their relationships with those referral partners while providing a valuable service to homeowners. We hope most of you have done this considering how valuable your vetted network is to homeowners. To date we have thousands of home professionals across the country added by our community of partners and real estate agents, however, there are instances where homeowners are requesting additional options for service professionals beyond what exists in the directory. Partnering with Thumbtack enhances HomeBinder’s ability to connect homeowners with local handymen, electricians, painters, and more — and each time homeowners are helped by their HomeBinder, they are reminded of the home inspector, mortgage lender, insurance provider, real estate agent, or other authorized professionals who gifted it to them.  

If you would like to learn more and see a demo, please contact sales@homebinder.com.  
Real Estate Agent Survey According to our latest real estate agent survey, 60% say their top priority for 2022 is to utilize technology to improve the homeowner experience. Recognizing the value of HomeBinder to build asset value and provide peace of mind for clients throughout the life of homeownership, 40% of agents on HomeBinder have referred one or more clients this year to a business that has co-branded with them. Given that businesses are increasingly prioritizing home purchasers to drum up business heading into 2022, HomeBinder fosters referrals from real estate agents by improving the homeowner experience, creating rapid ROI!

If you would like to learn more and see a demo, please contact sales@homebinder.com
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January 24-27 Nashville, TN

MBA’s Independent Mortgage Bankers Conference 2022 (IMB22) is the epicenter for IMBs of all sizes and models and their leadership teams. We’re excited to hear new solutions, actionable advice, and the data and analytics needed to improve the bottom line. To schedule some time in person please email meg@homebinder.com. See you there! 
Tips & Tricks/Training Home Value Estimate + Mortgage Coach
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Through the integration of our adaptive home valuation tool with Mortgage Coach, we enable homeowners to consistently re-engage their lenders throughout the life of the loan. Borrowers on HomeBinder that view their home value can now, with one-click, leverage the trusted insight and accuracy of Mortgage Coach’s Total Cost Analysis (TCA) to compare how their current mortgage would perform against a standard or a cash-out refinance. Our integration allows lenders utilizing Mortgage Coach to provide automated mortgage reviews on a semi-annual basis, and also empower their borrowers on HomeBinder with an interactive financial modeling experience. For instance, homeowners can adjust variables to see how applying additional money toward their monthly principal would shorten the length of their mortgage and save money on interest. This creates a unique opportunity to build lasting relationships with borrowers and drive repeat business! 

Check out a few more in-depth guides here:
Home Value Estimate One-Pager
Mortgage Coach + HomeBinder One-Pager 

If you would like to learn more and see a demo, please contact sales@homebinder.com.  
In the News 

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If you missed it! Check out the recording of our presentation with Mortgage Coach for The Mortgage Collaborative’s 12 Days of TMC Keynote Series. Watch here → How to Squash Revenue Fears by Thinking Beyond the Transaction – featuring Danny Horanyi from Celebrity Home Loans. 

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… and finally, Happy Holidays! 🎄
We look forward to working with you in 2022! 
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What’s New at HomeBinder – October 2021

What’s New

New HomeBinder Homeowner Experience Has Launched!

We are excited to announce that our enhanced homeowner UI/UX is now live! This new HomeBinder platform includes the following exciting features:

– Improved navigation and workflows with an optimized user interface for desktop and mobile devices
– A brand new, curated “To-Do” section that better organizes tasks, and alerts homeowners about essential maintenance items and best practices to maintain a healthy home
– An updated home valuation tool that incorporates the homeowner’s loan information as well as appreciation for investments made, such as home improvements, maintenance items and appliances 
– Business card branding that highlights all the partners supporting the homeowner

If you would like to learn more and see a demo, please contact sales@homebinder.com
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Homeowner Survey 

We’re always looking to ensure homeowners and partners receive maximum value from HomeBinder. Recently, we surveyed our homeowner users to gain feedback on their most valued HomeBinder features, and to help validate/prioritize our new/planned features. Take a look at the results and what they had to say! 
Click the link below to see the results!
View the Results

As a new Preferred Partner within The Mortgage Collaborative, we had a great time meeting a some of you in person at #TMCReunited2021!  It was a week filled with building deeper relationships with our mortgage lender partners, meeting with industry thought leaders, and taking deeper dives into the mortgage industry. We’re so glad to bring collaboration and innovation to the TMC network.

If you are a TMC member, click here to learn more.   
Tips & Tricks/Training:

Marketing Kit

Effective marketing and homeowner engagement is about using multiple touchpoints to reach your key audience. Here are three key points where you can enhance the messaging to your clients, and which have proven to drive very high acceptance rates. 


Post an explanation on your website and Facebook/social page of the differentiated value you’re delivering that includes HomeBinder. That will also help you market your mortgage services to potential clients and real estate agents. 


Verbally explain to the client that “HomeBinder allows you to organize and save all related home information in one convenient online app. From centrally storing documents, receiving actionable maintenance reminders, and tracking projects, appliance recalls, and home value, HomeBinder will support you in all aspects of homeownership. HomeBinder is always private to the homeowner, is only available through an Authorized Partner, and is complimentary for the lifetime of your homeownership, as a thank you for your business.” 


Email the client, thanking them and reiterating the value of their HomeBinder subscription.   

We have a variety of different marketing resources for you to use including videos, flyers, email scripts, and social media posts. You can locate your Marketing Kit, which includes branded flyers in your account, under the resources tab. We recommend taking advantage of all the materials in your Marketing Kit in order to educate and engage your homeowners to best support them in their homeownership journey. 

If you need assistance, contact support@homebinder.com.
HomeBinder for Homeowners
In the News: 

Announcing NJ Lenders

Here we grow again! NJ Lenders Corp has partnered with HomeBinder as our newest #lender provider. With the majority of its #loans derived from previous customer referrals, NJ Lenders Corp is a prime example of the “client for life” culture that HomeBinder offers. Learn more about this latest partnership here.  

Meet Us at MBA Annual

The HomeBinder team will be participating in the Mortgage Bankers Association’s MBA Annual event, Oct 17-20!  We are eager to connect with industry peers and attend these thoughtfully curated educational sessions. Click here to learn more about HomeBinder or email meg@homebinder.com to schedule a time to meet in person. See you there! 
Copy of MBA Annual (Instagram Post)

So You’ve Closed on Your Home — Now What?

Closing on a new home is a complex process that can involve a number of different steps and formalities.

In addition to making your own decisions and holding negotiations with a real estate agent and/or the existing homeowner, you may well need to have a lawyer present for the closing. This is generally recommended because it’s a good way of ensuring that all of the details are ironed out as expected. In some states, however, it is even required for a qualified legal professional to be present in a real estate transaction of this nature. This is essentially why there are expert legal professionals in the real estate space in the first place. People in this profession help to make sure the closing goes according to plan — which is useful and necessary, even if it can feel tedious in the moment.

These days, you may also need someone on hand who understands software, programming, and blockchain technology. Fortunately, while these skills used to be largely dedicated to specific roles and career paths, there are a lot more contracted software experts out there today. Constant growth in demand for relevant work has led to this being one of the main areas of study in part-time and online education, with the result that it’s not uncommon to find workers with online master’s degrees in software development and versatile skillsets to handle the work. The reason you may need just such an expert for a home closing is that these events are increasingly being driven by digital transactions and blockchain contracts. Those are broad topics for another day, but suffice to say the need may arise to design a blockchain contact and navigate some intricate digital dealings. If this is the case, a neutral software agent can be as helpful as a lawyer to have on hand.

These needs and processes can make the actual act of finally closing on a new home somewhat exhausting. Once it’s done, you’ll feel relief, a sense of accomplishment, and a need to take a break. At the same time though, there are some things you should go ahead and address soon after closing (aside from just moving in!). Consider the following to begin with.

File Away Documents

First and foremost — on the very day you close on your home — make sure you have any and all relevant documents clearly labeled and stored where you’ll always know where to find them. This will be a fairly easy process if you’ve taken advantage of HomeBinder’s home management platform, which exists in part to simplify the documentation of the home buying process. Through HomeBinder, you can add relevant documents associated with homeownership, including:

  • Mortgage, Financial, Title and insurance records
  • Home inspection reports
  • Appliance information
  • Warranties
  • Project and repairs
  • Paint colors by room
  • Other capital investments
  • Actionable and property specific maintenance reminders
  • Trusted network of home professionals
  • Document storage and so much more!

The hope is that no urgent need for documentation ever arises. However, you never know when they might come up, even if it’s not until you look to re-sell the home yourself. Just remember that it’s easy to lose track of home-related documents if they’re not properly stored right away, and save yourself the trouble!

Change the Locks

It may sound a little odd, or even somewhat melodramatic, but it’s common advice to change the locks once you buy and close on a new home. When you think about it, there are a lot of people who have access to your new property if you don’t! The outgoing homeowners will have their own keys, and may have given extras to friends, family, or neighbors. Additionally, the real estate agent and any involved attorneys may have been issued spares. In all likelihood you can trust these people, but it’s best to be safe and change the locks early on. Plus, there’s just something about this step that makes it feel even more like the home is really yours.

Update Your Address

This is more about making things convenient for yourself. But there’s something to be said for simply sitting down at your computer and updating your address everywhere you can think of. When you think about it, you probably have your (now prior) address saved in all kinds of places: with your bank, on random website accounts, on Amazon, and so on. If you set aside some time early on to make the update wherever you think to do so, you’ll be saving yourself some hassles down the road.

Review Insurance & Utility Costs

These are factors you’ll have considered during the negotiating and buying processes. Still, once you’ve closed on the home, it’s a good idea to review your home insurance policy, as well as what the utility bills look like in your new property. Make any necessary updates you may need to in terms of adjusting policies and setting up payments, and start off your time in your new home with all of these pesky details taken care of.

Consider Renovations

It’s also time after your closing to consider potential renovations or upgrades you may want to make to the property. Sure, you’ll have just wrapped up a long and arduous process, and home upgrades are a lot to take on. But if you do intend to make any renovations to your new property, it’s worth planning them right away. Use the “Projects” tab in your HomeBinder to keep track of your remodeling plans and the “Home Pros” section to plan and manage who will be working on them with you! This will make it easier for you to budget projects, arrange your home, and so on — all so that eventual renovations can happen as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Take on these early steps after closing on a new home, and you’ll be well on your way to making the transition.

Article written by Ruth Joyce

Exclusively for homebinder.com

#TMCReunited Recap

Michael Kuentz Trinity Oaks Mortgage, Casey Hughes-Wade SLK Global Solutions, Kris (Miller) Willoughby Cypress Mortgage Capital

As the sun began to rise over the waves crashing upon the cove in picturesque Terranea, California, what was a morning kayak adventure, gracefully transformed into a meditation session. It was clear that being able to pivot to and from action to stillness is crucial to survival in both business and personal life.

Depth PR (Leslie Colley, Kerri Milam), Arvest Bank (Matt Kendall), Simple Nexus (Ben Miller), ActiveComply (Melissa Thomas), Social Coach (Joe Wilson)

Our time at #TMCReunited2021 was filled with remarkable moments like this that remind us to set our intentions to show up authentically for each day. The beautiful venue not only provided the break from busy office life and the distraction-filled day-to-day when working from home, but it fostered an environment for mindfulness and thoughtful engagement with industry leaders. After more than a year of remote living and working, the shared excitement could be felt across each session as we reunited in person.

“If Covid has taught me anything… It’s helped to teach me self-awareness. What’s my WHY: making connections that are impactful and helping others. I’ve recognized a new appreciation post covid; the connection, gift of travel, and being in the present.”

Meg Bennett

Sales Boomerang (Alex Kutsishin, Reem Thanir), Mortgage Coach (Joe Puthur), LBA ware (Chris Gassel)

The week was filled with insightful conversation, connection to friends and colleagues new and old, and educational exchange among The Mortgage Collaborative’s network members/participants. While taking deep dives into the ever-changing mortgage industry, we were reminded how our industry continues to evolve. 

We learned how a lender’s tech stack will continue to play an important role moving into 2022. As we think of how lenders can stay competitive in the evolving market, we tend to think of how our business can be complementary to the tech stack. With more and more new ancillary services and tools available, the lender plays the role of the master architect, curating the best and brightest amongst the multitude of services and tools available for homeowners.

HomeBinder’s solution is an option that is sophisticated and innovative. It creates an engaging and personalized experience, one that is expected by today’s homeowners, while establishing the best scenario for differentiating a lender from their competitors. Given our Encompass integration and fast implementation process, HomeBinder becomes a plug-and-play solution. We felt proud to stand out as a complementary platform to any savvy lender’s tech stack.

US Mortgage Steven & Scott Milner / Jack & Pete

As we continue to look towards the future, creating a client for life experience continues to be the direction that most lenders and servicers are striving to achieve. 

Many TMC members have solutions in place, or are looking to implement the technology necessary to help improve the borrower experience and build clients for life, however finding the time and resources in this fast-changing environment can be a challenge. While it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide differentiated lending services, a customer-centric service approach can make a strong impact and is oftentimes the deciding factor in market distinction. Changing the mindset to focus on relationships versus transactions ultimately leads to increased retention, referrals, brand loyalty, and revenue. 

We believe in providing tools and resources that educate and empower homeowners. We think about the entire homeownership journey, and the support today’s homeowners need after the loan has closed that can create opportunities for lasting, impactful relationships between borrowers and their lenders.  

Collaboration and innovation were two words that aligned for us, creating an overarching theme of our time spent together that week. Meg offered three main takeaways from our time at TMCReunited:

  1. Listen, really lean into the conversation, ask great questions
  2. Be in the present, focus on what you can control
  3. Authenticity is key

We really enjoyed our time at #TMCReunited where we focused on building stronger relationships, meeting with industry thought leaders, and taking deeper dives into the mortgage industry. TMC’s unique culture is priceless we’re extremely excited to be a part of the team!

Turning Pandemic Satisfaction into a Long-term Win

Sounding a bit like an oxymoron, mortgage servicers actually improved customer service scores under COVID-19, according to the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Primary Mortgage Servicer Satisfaction Study,SM.  Last year’s survey exemplified gaps in customer service, with both call center activities and online access highlighted as challenges for mortgage servicers. This year’s study again called out latent digital capabilities but focused more on shifting experiences between bank and non-bank servicers. The primary takeaway stemming from this year’s data is that the pandemic has definitely given mortgage servicers a boost in satisfaction sentiments as customers seeking relief have relied on their servicer to navigate forbearance and foreclosure avoidance.

In the corresponding press release, J.D. Power commented that improved satisfaction gains were predominantly motivated by at-risk borrowers in forbearance.  Their director of consumer lending intelligence, Jim Houston, added, “However, as we look at post-pandemic customer behaviors and responses of low-risk customers, we see that lift in satisfaction may be short-lived. In fact, despite the attention on relief programs, nearly one-fifth of current mortgage customers have had no interaction with their servicer during the past year. Mortgage servicers will really need to up their customer engagement games as the marketplace stabilizes.”  So where does this leave mortgage servicers going forward? 

Solidifying ongoing borrower satisfaction can start with a look at current customer perspectives. The basis for J.D. Power’s annual survey evaluates customer satisfaction in terms of customer interaction, communications, billing and payment processing, escrow account administration, and new customer orientation.  Pulling responses from over 8,000 borrowers that either refinanced or originated a new loan within the past 12 months, this year’s study highlighted the following findings:

  • Non-bank servicers saw a considerable gain in overall satisfaction.  With scores that increased by 17 points, non-bank servicers are gaining on their bank-affiliated competitors who only saw a four-point rise in overall satisfaction. 
  • Borrowers in forbearance gave the highest scores for satisfaction.  A trend that is not likely to continue, at-risk customer satisfaction increased 15 points, with low-risk borrower satisfaction declining by one point. 
  • Satisfaction scores for bank-affiliated servicers were inflated by non-mortgage services.  Customers with bank products had overall mortgage servicing satisfaction scores that were 55 points higher than mortgage-only customers.
  • Cumbersome digital experiences and lagging self-service capabilities drop scores. Barely more than a third of borrowers surveyed found the information they needed within two webpages. Visiting more than two pages dropped overall satisfaction scores by 55 points! 

As servicers continue to address the impact of COVID-19 relief provisions, maintaining borrower satisfaction and engagement could prove to be a challenge. Surveyed borrowers that felt compelled to leave their current servicer cited several top reasons for a departure, including access to improved customer service and enhanced self-serve capabilities.  This supports the need for servicers to expand digital functionality and self-serve access to processes and products, subsequently ensuring satisfaction through innovative engagement and education.

Taking the lead in providing engagement and education in a digital self-serve format, HomeBinder delivers a unique borrower experience that extends beyond a basic servicing relationship. Providing a centralized home management platform, HomeBinder collaborates with the lender or servicer to offer a distinctive branded binder that can be given to the homeowner at the time of closing, servicing transfer, forbearance exit, or even upon approval of a loss mitigation plan. The advantage to the servicer is that engagement is ongoing throughout the life of the property, requiring little to no intervention from your staff. The benefits to the homeowner are extensive, including a digital maintenance plan with regular reminders, educational information on how to manage and care for their home, electronic storage of all related household documents, and so much more.  Each time the homeowner accesses the HomeBinder platform, they are reminded of their valued relationship with their lender/servicer.  HomeBinder is a genuine business differentiator, delivering a personalized “gift” that will improve borrower satisfaction, increase engagement, foster repeat business, and inherently generate referrals.

To find out how your organization can leverage pandemic customer satisfaction and create a “Client for Life” experience, visit www.homebinder.com, contact us directly at 800.377.6915, or Book a Demo today! 

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