Why All Homeowners Should Keep A Home Inventory

If you’re like most homeowners, you have probably filled your home with furniture, decor, tools, electronics and other items that you find valuable. You probably even have a good idea of what items are in each room and a rough value for each item but could you confidently create a complete list of those items from memory if you needed to?

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25 Fall Home Maintenance Tips

It’s important to prepare your home before the winter months to prevent costly damage and increase energy efficiency. We compiled a list below of the top 25 fall home maintenance tips. Feel free to post comments if you feel like we missed anything or if you have questions! Continue reading “25 Fall Home Maintenance Tips”

Now Integrated with Home Inspector Pro 5

We’re super excited to announce that Home Inspector Pro 5 has just been released with a full HomeBinder integration.

With it, you’ll be able to automatically send clients a HomeBinder with scheduled maintenance reminder emails, recommended home pros, and a copy of your inspection report in our “Digital 3-Ring Binder.”

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