What’s New at HomeBinder – December 2021

We’ve partnered with Thumbtack to expand homeowners’ access to home service professionals
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We are excited to announce a new integration with Thumbtack. The integration expands upon the more than 23,000 recommended service providers already listed in HomeBinder to provide consumers with access to hundreds of thousands of home service professionals across every county in the U.S. Partners can populate the ‘Home Service Provider’ tab with a personalized list of recommended home service professionals, strengthening their relationships with those referral partners while providing a valuable service to homeowners. We hope most of you have done this considering how valuable your vetted network is to homeowners. To date we have thousands of home professionals across the country added by our community of partners and real estate agents, however, there are instances where homeowners are requesting additional options for service professionals beyond what exists in the directory. Partnering with Thumbtack enhances HomeBinder’s ability to connect homeowners with local handymen, electricians, painters, and more — and each time homeowners are helped by their HomeBinder, they are reminded of the home inspector, mortgage lender, insurance provider, real estate agent, or other authorized professionals who gifted it to them.  

If you would like to learn more and see a demo, please contact sales@homebinder.com.  
Real Estate Agent Survey According to our latest real estate agent survey, 60% say their top priority for 2022 is to utilize technology to improve the homeowner experience. Recognizing the value of HomeBinder to build asset value and provide peace of mind for clients throughout the life of homeownership, 40% of agents on HomeBinder have referred one or more clients this year to a business that has co-branded with them. Given that businesses are increasingly prioritizing home purchasers to drum up business heading into 2022, HomeBinder fosters referrals from real estate agents by improving the homeowner experience, creating rapid ROI!

If you would like to learn more and see a demo, please contact sales@homebinder.com
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January 24-27 Nashville, TN

MBA’s Independent Mortgage Bankers Conference 2022 (IMB22) is the epicenter for IMBs of all sizes and models and their leadership teams. We’re excited to hear new solutions, actionable advice, and the data and analytics needed to improve the bottom line. To schedule some time in person please email meg@homebinder.com. See you there! 
Tips & Tricks/Training Home Value Estimate + Mortgage Coach
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Through the integration of our adaptive home valuation tool with Mortgage Coach, we enable homeowners to consistently re-engage their lenders throughout the life of the loan. Borrowers on HomeBinder that view their home value can now, with one-click, leverage the trusted insight and accuracy of Mortgage Coach’s Total Cost Analysis (TCA) to compare how their current mortgage would perform against a standard or a cash-out refinance. Our integration allows lenders utilizing Mortgage Coach to provide automated mortgage reviews on a semi-annual basis, and also empower their borrowers on HomeBinder with an interactive financial modeling experience. For instance, homeowners can adjust variables to see how applying additional money toward their monthly principal would shorten the length of their mortgage and save money on interest. This creates a unique opportunity to build lasting relationships with borrowers and drive repeat business! 

Check out a few more in-depth guides here:
Home Value Estimate One-Pager
Mortgage Coach + HomeBinder One-Pager 

If you would like to learn more and see a demo, please contact sales@homebinder.com.  
In the News 

Mortgage Coach and HomeBinder partner to engage homeowners in actively managing home financing across the homeownership lifecycle →  Read more here

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If you missed it! Check out the recording of our presentation with Mortgage Coach for The Mortgage Collaborative’s 12 Days of TMC Keynote Series. Watch here → How to Squash Revenue Fears by Thinking Beyond the Transaction – featuring Danny Horanyi from Celebrity Home Loans. 

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… and finally, Happy Holidays! 🎄
We look forward to working with you in 2022! 
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Coming Soon…HomeBinder Platform Makeover Enhances User Experience!

We’re excited to announce a new version of the homeowner platform that will optimize the user experience and increase homeowner engagement with their HomeBinder.  The enhancements we’re releasing provide peace of mind and maximum home value to homeowners for what is likely their largest asset.  

Some highlights of the homeowner dashboard include:

  • Version 2.0 of our innovative home valuation tool that enables homeowners to run “what-if” scenarios to understand the impact investments or home improvements could have on value and equity 
  • A brand new Action Center to better organize and alert homeowners about essential maintenance items
  • New and improved navigation and workflows with an optimized user interface
  • An enhanced Home Professional Network search capability to connect homeowners to trusted professionals added by real estate agents, lenders, insurance providers  and inspectors

The new dashboard is targeted to be available in July.  If you are interested in learning more, getting a sneak preview of the dashboard, or have suggestions that could be a valuable addition for your clients, please contact sales@homebinder.com.

New Integration Enables Automated Upload of Appliance Information 

Announcing a new integration with our partner Source7 (www.source7.io). Source7’s AI is built on a foundation of household product intelligence and developed out of a need to assist numerous industries such as insurance, property management, home warranty, home monitoring, and many others with identifying common weaknesses in household products that increase risk in a home. 

This new integration will enable homeowners to simply take a picture of any appliance data plate and upload it to their HomeBinder. Partners such as inspectors and other home professionals can also auto-populate appliance data on behalf of the homeowner. The homeowner will automatically be alerted to recalls for appliances in their HomeBinder. As well, this data can also feed the home valuation estimate as recent purchases of appliances can increase the valuation inside the home. 

Sample interface:


As we all know, this is a highly competitive real estate market nationwide. To differentiate themselves and build relationships with real estate agents, our partners utilize HomeBinder to help to capture greater mindshare among agents and generate more referrals. 

Now the nearly 190,000 agents that have been added to HomeBinder by our partners have a profile where they can populate important information, such as trusted home professionals, into homeowners’ binders. This helps to create a lasting relationship between the homeowner and agent, and has been proven to generate referrals back to our partners.

HomeBinder provides all the necessary marketing collateral, such as flyers, videos and email templates to make it easy to educate agents and homeowners of the value of HomeBinder. 

Sample of collateral:

For more information or examples of marketing collateral, please contact support@homebinder.com.


Webinar Recording: Home Inspection Pro Office Integration with HomeBinder

Home Inspectors: In case you missed it …. Here is a link to a recent webinar that HomeBinder and Home Inspection Pro (HIP) delivered. Home Inspector Pro’s Marketing Director Kayla Sterner, and Director of Support Dan McConnon talk with HomeBinder about how it can help your business and how it integrates with Home Inspector Pro Office.


Recent Blog Post: How Do You Leverage the CFPB to Retain Homebuyers?

First-time buyers currently represent nearly a third of the homeownership market. As the market is evolving, so are borrower expectations, necessitating a fresh look at consumer engagement and the resources that are available to help meet current needs. This post by Pete Paglia is designed to give a better understanding of what the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) communicates to homebuyers, and identifies how using this educational guidance can help improve lender credibility within respective borrower communities.



HomeBinder Launching Enhanced Home Valuation Tool

Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) on the market today calculate a property’s value at a specific point in time based upon comparable properties in the neighborhood. These AVM’s do not know or reflect any updates/investments have been made on the property or within the home.  

HomeBinder is enhancing our home valuation tool by enabling homeowners to better predict their home value and equity based upon planned home improvement projects or investments made on the property or within the home. A “What If?” scenario not only helps homeowners understand how best to maximize home value, it also provides opportunities for homeowners to re-engage with businesses that they trust.

Sample “What If” Scenario

This exciting enhancement is launching this quarter.  To learn more, please contact sales@homebinder.com.

Upcoming Webinar: HomeBinder and Home Inspector Pro, “Integrations That Work” 

We are excited to be co-hosting this webinar with Home Inspector Pro, one of our premier integration partners in the home inspection market, on Sunday, April 11, 2021, 7:30 PM EDT / 4:30 PM PDT.  We will be covering the integration between Home Inspector Pro Office and HomeBinder and the numerous opportunities for inspectors to grow their business, create lasting relationships with agents, and continue to market themselves long after the inspection is over.  

The link to add the webinar to your calendar is below.  If you cannot join the webinar live, you can watch the recording at a later date.  

Click Here to Join

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Don’t Miss Out on More Five Star Reviews!

Since launching our Review widget we have helped our partners receive and add thousands of additional five star reviews to their review platform of choice!  

The optimal time for your client to review your service is immediately upon receipt of their HomeBinder. The ratings and reviews from HomeBinder can be linked to your review system of choice (ex. Google, Facebook, Social Survey, etc.), creating an ancillary “net” to catch and publish additional positive reviews. Only four and five star reviews will automatically post to your review platform, any lower ratings will come to you for review. 

For information on how to add your review profile to your account, contact support@homebinder.com.  




What’s New at HomeBinder

HomeBinder has Integrated with Housecall Pro, a Leading Provider of Field Service Management Software Used by Over 60,000 Home Service Professionals
We are pleased to announce that HomeBinder and Housecall Pro are partnering to help home service professionals better engage with homeowners and automatically update maintenance activity within HomeBinder for homeowner clients.   

Housecall Pro services many industries within the home service pro market including HVAC, garage door, plumbing, electrical, pest control, and more.  Businesses in these industries leverage the Housecall Pro platform to automate scheduling, estimates, dispatching, and invoicing.  The partnership with HomeBinder enables these businesses to further differentiate their service and deliver even greater value to clients that have HomeBinder by automatically updating the binder to reflect the maintenance completed on the property.

For more information contact support@homebinder.com.     

Real Estate Agents Are Now Solely Added to HomeBinder Through Our Business Partners
In an effort to help our partners build stronger and lasting relationships with the real estate agents with whom you work, we are pleased to announce that effective immediately individual real estate agents will be added to HomeBinder only through one of our business partner subscribers.   

Agents previously had the option to subscribe to HomeBinder directly, however based on our surveys we have found that agents and business partners prefer to have HomeBinder created and delivered solely through business partners. Partners can co-brand their agents on the binders that they gift to clients in order to help both the business partner and agent deliver ongoing value to homeowners.  

Please contact support@homebinder.com if you have any questions.   

homeRepairsSay Thank You to the Real Estate Agent that Referred You!  
One of the elements of the HomeBinder value proposition for our business partners is the increased number of referrals received by the real estate agents who are co-branded on binders.  As a way to say “Thank You” to the agent, our partners have the ability to provide agents with their own personal HomeBinder.  We have found that agents greatly appreciate this, not only for their personal use, but to help them better articulate the value proposition of HomeBinder for new clients.  

For instructions on how to create a personal binder for your agent contact support@homebinder.com

handHomeHomeBinder is Generating Thousands of Five Star Reviews for our Partners
The best time to receive a review is immediately after a job is complete. We have found that  99% of homeowner reviews through HomeBinder have been five star!  Four and five star reviews are automatically published onto the partners’ preferred review site, thus making this complementary to your review system currently in place.
For questions on setting up the review system, contact support@homebinder.com.      

Repair Pricer Announces the Resolv System That Allows Real Estate Agents to Interact with Reports in Real Time

Repair Pricer, a strategic partner of HomeBinder that generates accurate repair estimates from property inspection reports, has added key functionality that enables real estate agents to make changes, republish reports on the fly, and easily share these reports.  

Repair Pricer reports are used by property inspectors and real estate agents to add value to the property inspection and save time and frustration during the negotiating cycle of a property purchase.  HomeBinder partners with Repair Pricer to offer these reports to property inspectors and real estate agents for the homeowner.   

For more information on the Resolv system, schedule a demo by clicking this link https://meetings.hubspot.com/christian298

For more information on adding Repair Pricer to your HomeBinder subscription, contact sales@homebinder.com.     

Look out for more HomeBinder news in our next newsletter. 


What’s New at HomeBinder

HomeBinder Now Available Exclusively Through Our Business Partners
Underscoring our commitment to our partners, homeowners can no longer sign up directly for a HomeBinder account, they are encouraged on the website to get HomeBinder exclusively through a HomeBinder Authorized Partner.  

We are announcing the HomeBinder Authorized Partner program to deliver greater value to our partner ecosystem while enhancing the homeowner user experience. Through this program, HomeBinder will drive qualified homeowner leads exclusively to Authorized Partners, Authorized Partners will have full license to use the HomeBinder Authorized Partner logo on all marketing materials, and Authorized Partners will also have special integration support to make the creation and updating of binders as effortless as possible.  

Our goal is to elevate all of the businesses we work with to Authorized Partner status. We will help to generate business leads for you from homeowners that would like a HomeBinder account. And, there is no additional cost to you to become an Authorized Partner. Learn more today.  

Enhanced Partner Review System 
In July we announced a Review System that enables your homeowners to provide a review of your services and post to your review platform of choice. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from our business partners and we are generating thousands of 5-Star reviews per month for our partners. This month, we have released an enhancement to the Review System where homeowners can now also review individual employees in your business. If you have any questions regarding how to set up the review system, please contact support@homebinder.com or contact us

  homeRepairsOur Customer Success team will be releasing a series of updated videos to help you train your team and educate homeowners and agents on how best to leverage the value of HomeBinder. If you have a specific video of interest, please contact support@HomeBinder.com or contact us.     

Recent Blog Post
The lender market is having a record year given the volume of mortgage refinancing due to low interest rates and the Covid-19 pandemic enticing people to change their living situation. We recently published a blog post in conjunction with ALCOVA Mortgage discussing how lenders should be considering HomeBinder during these busy times to improve client retention and protect future business.  https://blog.homebinder.com/growing-and-protecting-your-future-business-with-homebinder/   

Working Together
If you have an idea for joint marketing you’d like to explore, or if you have news you’d like to share with the HomeBinder partner ecosystem, please contact pete@homebinder.com   

Coming Next Month: We will be announcing our partnership with Housecall Pro, one of the leading providers of software for the home service professionals market.