Does Your Tech Stack Support Speed to Market?

In today’s world of exponential industry change and transaction velocity, it is imperative that your technology stack supports rapid implementation of digital functionality crucial to your success. As industry participants across the board seek the capabilities needed to differentiate their offering and ensure speed to market, applications should be cloud-based, flexible, and nimble, so engagement is not delayed by convoluted requirements definition, complex technology alignment, and tiresome implementation delays.

What is your strategy?

The pandemic influence in this area has been unprecedented as companies have scrambled to support remote workforces and improve the online experience for their customers.  This scenario turned many early adopters into innovative experts when it comes to technology infrastructure.  Whether you are a novice or a pro, understanding the significance of investing in the digital experience, to engage both your employees and expand your customer base, is vital.  A strategic approach to your data ecosystem helps ensure your technology infrastructure is designed to embrace solutions and applications, creating the right environment to spontaneously, yet purposely, expand your overall technical offering in time to meet and beat industry market demands. 

Positioning to embrace today’s modern innovation not only necessitates your understanding of how to effectively interconnect data and applications into your core systems but working with vendors that offer a like-minded approach to technology. Most companies offer an average of 88 applications per customer, representing what is fast becoming a highly active digital universe.  HomeBinder deploys its revolutionary offering on a robust platform that does not interfere with your technical prowess.  Our functionality supports your clients’ access to applications and platforms by building the connectivity through HomeBinder’s infrastructure and our authorized partner program.  

HomeBinder understands the importance of ease of implementation and speed to market.

As you evolve your technology offering, we are doing the same. Our expertise allows us to offer lightweight flexible implementation that does not tie up your valuable resources and in the end offers a valuable user-friendly platform to your client base. We are a sophisticated industry implementation partner, with numerous integrations to a highly varied group of industry partners.  Using a flexible cloud-based platform, HomeBinder opens access to homeowner service providers on a centralized platform that automates home management.  Your clients gain access to relevant data that is securely provided to the homeowner. For example, our platform leverages AVM data, designed to help the homeowner identify property enhancement opportunities, inclusive of “what if” decisioning capabilities. 

How does your organization succeed?

Offering innovation branded to your organization, the HomeBinder platform allows your loan officers or servicing account managers access to a unique digital experience that engages clients in an area that is previously untouched in our industry, home management.  Access to the HomeBinder platform is a distinctive offering whereby your client receives a personal binder, exclusively from you as an authorized provider, and at a cost as low as $7 per loan. The binder is highly customized to your borrower and the property, delivering the 24/7 tech-savvy, yet personalized, home management platform that 68 percent of borrowers request.  HomeBinder helps you meet the expectations of today’s homeowner, while helping your organization deliver a Client for Life and a Property for Life experience that builds referrals and retention.  This creates relevance for your organization as the balance of the industry continues to juggle pandemic volatility, a low interest rate environment, and younger demographic demands, amidst rapidly evolving technical innovation. – – It is time to step ahead of your competition by making a meaningful addition to your technology stack.

HomeBinder is a proven integration and implementation partner, building a robust network of homeowner services on a sophisticated centralized platform.  Our partners build, inspect, manage, buy, sell, finance and insure homes – services that can easily and effectively become a part of your prospect and borrower offering.  HomeBinder leverages this collaboration and education, enabling your organization to deliver homeowners a branded, valuable support system that extends throughout the homeownership lifecycle, not solely the life of the loan.  

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