HomeBinder For Pre-Listing Inspections

Agents and Home Sellers that receive HomeBinder from their inspector can leverage the site to help sell the home. Specifically, HomeBinder Seller Reports, see example here, can set homes apart and add value to the listings in several ways:

  • Provides detail that today’s buyers value and will not see elsewhere.
  • Helps the appraiser justify his valuation. “Yesterday’s appraisal came in above sales price! I’m 7 for 7 now with HomeBinder. The appraiser was surprised & grateful to have all the improvements in one place at her fingertips.” – Connie Roberts, Associate Broker Realtor®, West USA Realty, http://azhomesandhats.com/
  • The information can go into a new binder for the buyer after the transaction takes place.

To create a Seller Report there are just a few simple steps outlined below. This is generally done by the seller themselves and on average it takes about an hour. We advocate to spend enough time to provide value across the bullet points above but not so much time that it becomes a big burden. Keep in mind, if an hour of work can provide $10,000 or more in value to the sale or the appraisal it is well worth the time!

STEP 1: Look for an email from your inspector providing you with a link to access your private HomeBinder account. Click on the link, pick a password and you are in! Seller’s Agents, you may need to ask your Seller to share the HomeBinder with you. Your seller can do this by clicking the ‘Access’ button at the upper right corner of their page.

STEP 2: Using the navigation menu on the left, enter details about any of the items listed below. We’ve ranked them in order of importance from top to bottom:

  • PROJECTS: If you know of any projects they completed and the approximate date, add them. They go a long way!
  • HOME PROS: List out the people that you have or had work on the home…just name and phone or email.
  • PHOTOS: Upload at least 1 photo of the property, but preferably 10-15
  • APPLIANCES: Just include the make of the key appliances in the house (including furnace and hot water heater)
  • MAINTENANCE: Outline regular maintenance tasks that are performed on the property. (No need to say when maintenance was last done, just what it is.
  • PERMITS: If you have detail, add it, or use the BuildFax integration where available

STEP 3: Create the Seller Report for the property by going into the binder and in the upper right of the binder click on “Reports → Create Seller Report”. You’ll then have an option at the top that says “Include everything below in the report.” Check that. Go to the bottom of the page and click. “View Public Seller’s Report”.

That’s it! You can copy and paste the link in the address bar to share it with your agent via email, make sure it is associated with the listing and you can also email to anyone you like. This page is public and does not require a password to access making it easy to offer to anyone that is interested in your home. We recommend that you also use the PDF functionality at the top of the page to create a PDF of your report to share with people at the open house (presuming you have one) and also to send or offer to the appraiser in their information package. It is well within bounds to share factual information with the appraiser, you just can’t (for good reason) exert influence on the appraiser.

There are literally hundreds of sites that a buyer can go to to see basic MLS data such as bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage. The HomeBinder Seller Report is unique and always generates interest when put in front of buyers as this isn’t what they typically see when visiting homes. As such it can help maximize the value you capture in your home sale, make the process easier for all involved and help ensure that the home you (hopefully loved a lot) will be taken care of by the new owners as they will have the information they need.

We wish you the best in selling your home and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use the chat window when you are logged into HomeBinder or email us at support@homebinder.com!

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