What’s New at HomeBinder

Release of a Highly Requested Feature: Property Valuation Tracker 
This brand new feature incorporates an algorithm that integrates data about any home maintenance, projects or capital investments with third party data about property values and neighborhoods to enrich the binder to help homeowners better track and understand the value and equity in their home. As the information is added to the HomeBinder, the valuation is updated. The homeowner can easily export information to a public seller report if they choose. This is only Version 1 of this new feature set, we will be releasing additional enhancements over time.   

New Monthly Email to Homeowners
We continue to enhance our monthly email to homeowners to increase engagement and help give you more visibility. We now include the Homebuilder Home Score, a better view of maintenance and appliance recalls, as well as revised partner branding. We hope this monthly email helps to keep you top of mind with your clients.

#1 Introduce HomeBinder to your client prior to delivering the binder
Give home buyers and owners a preview of what they will receive verbally, through another automated email or through a flyer handout. Let them know how they will benefit from the service that is a gift from you for the lifetime of their home ownership. This will help to increase your brand awareness and direct association between you and their HomeBinder. 
#2 Use your onboarding kit to get started quickly 
The onboarding kit contains a wealth of information including administration training and setup templates that let you edit the information you have put in the HomeBinder and brand what is custom to your business. As well, it contains a description of HomeBinder and other marketing language and collateral to give to your agents to help them understand the service. Use your onboarding kit within 7 days to get your account setup and start delivering value immediately!

For any additional information or assistance with onboarding or introducing HomeBinder to your clients, please contact our Customer Success team at    

HomeBinder will be participating in the Innovation Hub at the upcoming Digital Mortgage Conference from Sept. 14-17, 2020 and will be showcasing HomeBinder as a valuable retention and referral platform for the mortgage industry. In this virtual exhibit hall, we will be showcasing videos, collateral, providing a link to our demo, and more. For more information on the conference visit:   

Be sure to look for our next month’s newsletter where we will be highlighting our new Authorized Partner Program.


What’s New at HomeBinder

Homeowner Home Health/Home Score Dashboard
Think of it as being similar to the “Check Engine” light in your car. This dashboard for homeowners provides a quick status of items in their HomeBinder such as:
– The number of overdue or upcoming maintenance items
– Any active recalls on items in their home
– List of service providers to assist with home maintenance tasks
– A home inventory option to safely store your information in case of fire or theft

A corresponding “HomeBinder Home Score” grades homeowners based on how up-to-date they are with their home requirements. A homeowner score over 80 is good, 90 is great, for those not doing as well, there are recommendations on how to improve. 

The dashboard is now visible on all homeowner binders.   

Partner Review System for Homeowners
This major new feature allows homeowners to leave reviews for the partner who created their HomeBinder account, with the option to share written feedback on the partner’s public reviews profiles such as Google or Yelp, only if they intend to leave a positive review.  The homeowner provides the review through a widget that automatically appears in their binder. We are seeing a substantial number of partner reviews since its launch this Spring.  Partners are beginning to use this either as their primary review system or as an ancillary system that complements other review system(s) already in place.  

Contact if you have any questions about the review system or how to link this important new feature to your public profile of choice.

   homeRepairsWe have an updated HomeBinder Help Center now available 24/7 with collateral, marketing tools, and tutorial videos that help you establish best practices for HomeBinder, better educate your clients, and market your business to generate referrals. 
To access the Help Center, please visit: General Help
Inspector Help Center
Lender Help Center
Agent/Broker Help Center

   handHomeHomeBinder has a partner referral program that rewards you with a $50 gift card for each new partner business that subscribes to HomeBinder.  If you know of a business that may be interested in HomeBinder, simply reach out to to sign up and receive your affiliate code to provide to the prospective partner. There is no limit to the number of rewards you can receive!   

HomeBinder is excited to officially announce a partnership with Ellie Mae®, the leading cloud-based loan origination platform provider for the mortgage industry. The partnership enables lenders to automatically provide a HomeBinder to their clients with all of the mortgage closing documentation and provide a better buying experience for homeowners.
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Be sure to look for our next month’s newsletter where we will be highlighting our new Home Valuation Calculator.

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