Thoughts on the Home Inspector & Home Professional Relationship

I live in Massachusetts. I start this entry with this statement because for those of you who are aware, Massachusetts takes one of the most restrictive stances on the “inspector-home pro” relationship. I’ll acknowledge that there is some growing awareness that this stance is neither practical nor helpful but at the present, this remains the anchor that the inspection community here generally lives by. Then, at the other end of the spectrum (without naming inspection firms or even states), I’ve spoken with numerous firms that either charge or are about to charge home pros to being part of “their list”.

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5 Observations About The Inspector & Agent Relationship

In working with inspectors over the last 10 years, I’ve come to know that the topic of working with real estate agents as part of their business is polarizing.  I’ve spoken to many inspectors that consider getting inspections from agents to be a vile practice (at best).  Some do it but lament it, and others couldn’t imagine it any other way as they see it as the best way to grow their business.  What I think is missing from the conversation is some good practical thinking about it.

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Custom Message


The “Custom Message” tab gives you the ability to add a personalized message to all of the maintenance reminder emails that are sent to your clients, in the ‘Message from your inspector’ section.

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