#TMCReunited Recap

Michael Kuentz Trinity Oaks Mortgage, Casey Hughes-Wade SLK Global Solutions, Kris (Miller) Willoughby Cypress Mortgage Capital

As the sun began to rise over the waves crashing upon the cove in picturesque Terranea, California, what was a morning kayak adventure, gracefully transformed into a meditation session. It was clear that being able to pivot to and from action to stillness is crucial to survival in both business and personal life.

Depth PR (Leslie Colley, Kerri Milam), Arvest Bank (Matt Kendall), Simple Nexus (Ben Miller), ActiveComply (Melissa Thomas), Social Coach (Joe Wilson)

Our time at #TMCReunited2021 was filled with remarkable moments like this that remind us to set our intentions to show up authentically for each day. The beautiful venue not only provided the break from busy office life and the distraction-filled day-to-day when working from home, but it fostered an environment for mindfulness and thoughtful engagement with industry leaders. After more than a year of remote living and working, the shared excitement could be felt across each session as we reunited in person.

“If Covid has taught me anything… It’s helped to teach me self-awareness. What’s my WHY: making connections that are impactful and helping others. I’ve recognized a new appreciation post covid; the connection, gift of travel, and being in the present.”

Meg Bennett

Sales Boomerang (Alex Kutsishin, Reem Thanir), Mortgage Coach (Joe Puthur), LBA ware (Chris Gassel)

The week was filled with insightful conversation, connection to friends and colleagues new and old, and educational exchange among The Mortgage Collaborative’s network members/participants. While taking deep dives into the ever-changing mortgage industry, we were reminded how our industry continues to evolve. 

We learned how a lender’s tech stack will continue to play an important role moving into 2022. As we think of how lenders can stay competitive in the evolving market, we tend to think of how our business can be complementary to the tech stack. With more and more new ancillary services and tools available, the lender plays the role of the master architect, curating the best and brightest amongst the multitude of services and tools available for homeowners.

HomeBinder’s solution is an option that is sophisticated and innovative. It creates an engaging and personalized experience, one that is expected by today’s homeowners, while establishing the best scenario for differentiating a lender from their competitors. Given our Encompass integration and fast implementation process, HomeBinder becomes a plug-and-play solution. We felt proud to stand out as a complementary platform to any savvy lender’s tech stack.

US Mortgage Steven & Scott Milner / Jack & Pete

As we continue to look towards the future, creating a client for life experience continues to be the direction that most lenders and servicers are striving to achieve. 

Many TMC members have solutions in place, or are looking to implement the technology necessary to help improve the borrower experience and build clients for life, however finding the time and resources in this fast-changing environment can be a challenge. While it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide differentiated lending services, a customer-centric service approach can make a strong impact and is oftentimes the deciding factor in market distinction. Changing the mindset to focus on relationships versus transactions ultimately leads to increased retention, referrals, brand loyalty, and revenue. 

We believe in providing tools and resources that educate and empower homeowners. We think about the entire homeownership journey, and the support today’s homeowners need after the loan has closed that can create opportunities for lasting, impactful relationships between borrowers and their lenders.  

Collaboration and innovation were two words that aligned for us, creating an overarching theme of our time spent together that week. Meg offered three main takeaways from our time at TMCReunited:

  1. Listen, really lean into the conversation, ask great questions
  2. Be in the present, focus on what you can control
  3. Authenticity is key

We really enjoyed our time at #TMCReunited where we focused on building stronger relationships, meeting with industry thought leaders, and taking deeper dives into the mortgage industry. TMC’s unique culture is priceless we’re extremely excited to be a part of the team!

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